Saturday, September 12, 2015

So, Noida is the most livable city in Delhi-NCR. What next?

OK. I agree that Noida is the most livable city in Delhi-NCR but still the PLANNED city lacks in providing some basic amenities and services to its residents.

When you're in Noida you're away from the pollution of Delhi, high cost of living in Gurgaon, industrial living of Faridabad and not-too-much-jobs factor of Ghaziabad but there are still a things which the administration and people should think upon (and rectify) to make it a more better place for living.

Take for instance the power outages happening these days. Many sectors in Noida are facing power outages in the night for upto 5-6 hours. Officials have given statements that there's a problem in power generation in the thermal power plants that supply power to Uttar Pradesh which is resulting in a shortage of 1300-1400 MW across the state and Noida is the worst hit. People aren't able to sleep in the night as inverters can just power fans or coolers. Could the administration not plan this thing in advance? Can the administration not cut the number of hours for which malls or commercial complexes are operating in daytime?

I mean, it feels like we're living in some village when the electricity is cut in the night in this season of hot. Surya Devta is already fuming and the days are like of May-June.

Second thing is PARKING. It clearly seems that when Noida was planned no thought was given to car parking. Everyday I see some of the people fighting or making chaos on roads for finding a suitable place for parking their cars in industrial sectors. This leads to people parking their cars on roads which hits the people who're commuting on roads. People don't allow car-owners to park cars in front of their offices and still the thekedar charges a price for parking. Phew!

Charging is OK but can the administration now think about the parking problem?!

Thirdly security. OK we have a moderate cost of living but at what cost. People are wary of driving cars in outer sectors of Noida and I have personally known instances of looting cars and cash at gun point and people of Noida think that such incidents are part of everyday life. It shows such a lack of trust in the system.


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